IGNOU – B.Tech in Civil (Construction Management) Syllabus

Here In this article, you will find the complete IGNOU B.Tech in Civil (Construction Management) Syllabus with subject code and credits.

1st Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Mathematics-IET-101 A3
Mathematics-IIET-101 B3
PhysicsET-105 A4
ChemistryET-105 B4
Engineering MechanicsET 202 A2
Principles of Electrical SciencesET 202 B4
Systems MethodsET 301 A2
Computer ApplicationsET 301 B2
Materials ScienceET 204 A2
Engineering MaterialsET 204 B2
Soil MechanicsET-501 A2
Foundation EngineeringET-501 B2

2nd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Building ArchitectureET 521 B2
Planning & Construction of BuildingsET 521 A2
ET 521 C2
Quantity Surveying & EvaluationET 521 D2
Operation and Maintenance of Construction EquipmentET 523 B3
Construction Works SupervisionET 523 A2
Repair and Maintenance of BuildingsET 523 C3
Principles of Engineering Management & EconomicsET-524 A3
Construction Management-IET 524 B3
Concrete Technology & Construction TechniquesET 5224
Testing for Quality Control (Elective-I)ET 581 A2
Mechanical Equipment in Construction (Elective-I)ET 581 F2
Laboratory-I (ADCM)ET 5712

3rd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Mechanics of FluidET-201 A4
Mathematics -IIIET-1024
Engineering ThermodynamicsET- 201 B4
Strength of MaterialsET-502 A4
Flow in Open ChannelET 540 B2
Structural AnalysisET-502 B4
Computer Programming & Numerical MethodsET 302 A3
Technical WritingET 302 B1

4th Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Pollutants & Water SupplyET 507 A4
Transportation & Traffic EngineeringET 5054
Structural Design-IET 508 A4
Structural Design-IIET 508 B2
Construction Management-IIET 5256
Elementary HydrologyET 535 A2
Hydraulic StructuresET 535 B4
Building ServicesET 581 C2
Inventory & Stores ManagementET 581 B2
Laboratory-IIET 5742