IGNOU – MA in Gender and Development Studies (MAGD) Syllabus

Here In this article, you will find the complete IGNOU MAGD Syllabus with subject code and credits.

1st Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Research Methodologies in Gender and Development StudiesMGS-0058
Gender and Development: Concept, Approaches, and StrategiesMGS- 0016
Gender, Development Goals, and PraxisMGS- 0026
Gender AnalysisMGS- 0034
Gender-Sensitive Planning and Policy MakingMGS- 0048
Internship/Field-based Research ProjectMGSP-0014

2nd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Gender Planning and Development PoliciesMGSE-0014
Gender Audit and Gender BudgetingMGSE-0024
Gender MainstreamingMGSE-0034
Gender Issues in Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource ManagementMGSE-0044
Gender, Resources, and EntitlementsMGSE-0064
Gender, Organization, and LeadershipMGSE-0074
Gender Issues in Work, Employment and ProductivityMGSE-0094
Gender and Entrepreneurship DevelopmentMGSE-0104
Gender Training and EmpowermentMGSE-0134
Gender and Financial InclusionMGSE-0204
Internship/Field-based Research ProjectMGSP-0024