IGNOU – Master of Arts (Education) Syllabus

Here In this article, you will find the complete IGNOU Master of Arts (Education) Syllabus with subject code and credits.

1st Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Educational ResearchMES-0166
Understanding EducationMES-0114
Education: Nature and PurposesMES-0126
Learning, Learner and DevelopmentMES-0136
Societal Context of EducationMES-0146
Operational Dimensions of EducationMES-0156

2nd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Higher Education: Its context and LinkagesMES-1016
Instruction in Higher EducationMES-1026
Higher Education: The Psycho-social ContextMES-1036
Planning and Management of Higher EducationMES-1046
ET-An overviewMES-0316
Communication and information TechnologyMES-0326
Computer TechnologyMES-0336
Designing CoursewareMES-0346
Growth and Philosophy of Distance EducationMES-1114
Design and Development of Self-Learning Print MaterialsMES-1124
Learner Support ServicesMES-1134
Management of Distance EducationMES-1146
Communication Technology for Distance EducationMES-1156
Growth and Development of Educational ManagementMES-0416
Dimensions of Educational ManagementMES-0426
Organisational BehaviourMES-0436
Institutional ManagementMES-0446
Understanding Adult EducationMAE- 0016
Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in IndiaMAE- 0026
Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking in Adult EducationMAE -0036
Extension Education and DevelopmentMAE-0046