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Hotel Management Courses after 12th [2024] Admission, Fees, Scope, Eligibility

Hotel Management Courses after 12th: Today, choosing a career is a difficult task in and of itself. The world and employment opportunities have both altered. There are many hotel management courses available to you after class 12 if you have a specific interest in taking them. Since there is such a high demand for experts in the hospitality industry everywhere, there are several hotel management courses available after the 12th grade.

Aspects of hotel management are expanding to new heights as tourism brings the world closer together. The main employment opportunities provided by hotel management are those that support high-quality guest service. The training includes sections on cleaning, bookkeeping, and food and beverage management.

Hotel Management Courses after 12th

List of courses in hotel management after the 12th

Following high school, you may want to think about enrolling in well-known hotel management courses as a step toward landing your ideal profession. It contains.

  • Bachelor of hotel management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and catering technology
  • B. Sc in hospitality and hotel management
  • BA in hotel management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management

1) Bachelor of Hotel Administration

One of the prominent programs that offer students excellent employment chances is the bachelor of hotel management program. You can have a thorough understanding of the hotel management and hospitality industries by doing this 4-year UG program. The course gives you access to a wide range of options.

You must have completed your 1212th-grade exams with at least 45%-50% of the required marks from any eligible board to be eligible for the bachelor of the hotel management program. It provides you with several opportunities in the industry of hotel management, including managing a hotel, a club, and catering.

2) Bachelor of Hotel Management and catering technology

This four-year program is provided at the UG level. You must have completed your 12th-grade exams with at least 50% on any eligible board to be eligible for the hotel management program.

You gain knowledge of both theoretical and practical facets of hotel and food administration through this course.

If you’re interested in the managerial serv in hotels, catering, food and beverage executive, front executives, or steward roles, you might want to take the course.

3) B.Sc in hospitality and hotel management

You are being given access to this UG-level course. After your 12th grade year, you can enroll in a three-year hotel management program that provides you with numerous doors of opportunity.

You must have completed your 12th grade with at least a 50% grade on any qualified board to enroll in the course. You may learn all there is to know about the operations and management of hotels and food production by earning a B.Sc. in hospitality and hotel management.

Professionals in this industry are in high demand. You can anticipate employment opportunities as managers, food executors, and top-level stewards.

4) BA in Hotel Management 

The three-year Bachelor of Hotel Management program is the undergraduate program. YOU must have completed your high school diploma with a minimum of 50% on any recognized educational board to enroll in this hotel management course after your 12th grade.

An advanced understanding of catering production, housekeeping, and food and beverage services will be provided by a BA in hotel management. The course enhances your culinary and hotel management skills. All doors in the field of hotel management are opened by this training.

5) Diploma in Hotel Management 

If you’re looking for a short-term education, a diploma in hotel management is the ideal option. You must have passed your 12th-grade exam from a recognized board to enroll in the course.

You can gain a fundamental understanding of the hotel management industry by earning a diploma in the field. It creates possibilities for interns to work in prominent hotels across the nation as management staff and stewards.

Eligibility Requirements for Hotel Management Courses after 12th

The prerequisite for the Hotel Management program is 10+2. Students may choose to enroll in a degree, diploma, or certificate program.

While a degree course takes three years to complete, a certificate program can be completed in six months to a year.

An entrance exam is used to choose students for government colleges and institutes, and it is held annually in the month of April. Private colleges hold their entrance tests for hotel management whereas NCHMCT administers JEE.

A group interview and an aptitude exam are used to choose the students who will enroll in the hotel management program.

To make an impression on their clients and handle the kids with patience and joy, candidates must have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Because of the growing competitiveness in the hotel business, job options for graduates are more varied. There are numerous divisions in the hotel sector, including operations, front desk, food and beverage, and accounting. Students can progress in their careers and successfully pursue them.

Hotel Management Courses after 12th Job opportunities include:

Students can even find employment outside of the hotel industry in many other fields.

  • Club Administration
  • cruise ship hotel administration
  • Administration and catering in hospitals
  • resorts and guest houses.
  • The catering division of shipping firms, the military, etc.
  • services for hospitality in the Indian Navy.
  • Forest Cabins.

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