IGNOU – Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Syllabus

Here In this article, you will find the complete IGNOU – Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Syllabus with course code and credits.

IGNOU – Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Syllabus

1st Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Foundation Course in EnglishFEG-024
Foundation Course in Science and TechnologyFST-18
Foundation Course in English-1FEG-14
Foundation Course in Hindi-2FHD-24
Foundation Course in Hindi-1FHD-14
Community Organisation Management for Community DevelopmentMSW-0098

IGNOU – Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Syllabus

2nd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Business OrganisationECO-14
Management TheoryECO-034
Mercantile LawECO-054
Economic TheoryECO-064
Elements of StatisticsECO-074
Company LawECO-084
Money, Banking and Financial InstitutionsECO-094
Elements of CostingECO-104
Elements of Income TaxECO-114
Elements of AuditingECO-124
Business EnvironmentECO-134

IGNOU – B.Com Syllabus

3rd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Feature WritingAFW-(E)4
Writing for RadioAWR-(E)4
Radio Lekhan (Hindi)AWR4
Teaching StrategiesCTE-034
Teaching English (Elementary School)CTE-044
Teaching English (Secondary School)CTE-054
Office Organisation ManagementAOM-14
Secretarial PracticeASP-14
Human EnvironmentAHE-16
The teaching of Primary School MathematicsAMT-016
Marketing -AMK-1AMK-14
Export Procedures and DocumentationAED-14
Organizing Childcare ServicesACC-18
Nutrition for the Community -ANC-1ANC-18
Consumer Studies -ACS-1ACS-18