IGNOU – MA in Economics Syllabus

Here In this article, you will find the complete IGNOUMA in Economics Syllabus with course code and credits.

IGNOU – MA in Economics Syllabus

1st Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Micro Economic AnalysisMEC-0016
Macro Economic AnalysisMEC-0026
Quantitative Methods for Economic AnalysisMEC-0036
Economics of Growth and DevelopmentMEC-0046
Indian Economic PolicyMEC-0056

IGNOU – MA Economics

2nd Year

Subject NameSubject CodeCredits
Public EconomicsMEC-0066
International Trade and FinanceMEC-0076
Economics of Social Sector and EnvironmentMEC-0086
Research Methods in EconomicsMEC -1096
Project Work – MECP-001MECP-0016
Econometric MethodsMECE-0016
Actuarial Economics: Theory and PracticeMECE-0036
Financial Institutions and MarketsMECE-0046
Computer Applications in Economic AnalysisMECE-0026