Post Matric Scholarship [2023] Scope, Eligibility, Reward, Last Date

The Post Matric Scholarship Program is designed to assist students who are pursuing post-secondary or post-matriculation education. Students can apply for a Post Matric Scholarship if they need financial assistance to pay for their higher education from class 11 on up to the postdoctoral level. Several post-matric scholarships are offered by the Indian government and other state governments to students from the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), Economically Backward Classes (EBC), and Minority community.

Post Matric Scholarship

How to Apply for a Post-Matric Scholarship

Every post-matric scholarship has a unique application process that must be followed. Nearly all scholarships request online applications from qualified applicants through their websites and portals. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP), the UP scholarship portal, the MP scholarship portal, and others are some of the most well-known portals where you can apply for these awards.

Post-Secondary Scholarships: A Comprehensive List

Are you currently enrolled in post-matriculation coursework? If so, use the chart below to find the post-matric scholarship that best suits your needs. It includes a comprehensive list of all post-matric scholarships offered by the federal and state governments. The state government scholarships are only available in the designated territories, whereas the federal government scholarships are available worldwide. The table below provides you with all pertinent information on various post-matriculation scholarships, including the provider’s details, a tentative application deadline, and the region to which each scholarship is relevant.

1) Scholarships for Students with Disabilities after High School

Provider Name: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. It is available throughout India and can be applied between August and October. 

2) Post-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

Provider Name: Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India. It is available throughout India and can be applied between August and October. 

3) Financial Assistance for Education of the Wards of Beedi/Cine/IOMC/LSDM Workers – Post-Matric

Provider Name : Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. It is available throughout India and can be applied between August and October. 

4) Dr. Ambedkar Post-Matric Scholarships for the EBC Students, Chandigarh

Provider Name: Education Department, Chandigarh Administration. The scholarship is available for Chandigarh and can be applied for between November and December.

5) Post-Matric (Within State) Scholarship, Jharkhand

Provider Name: Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Minority, and Backward Class Welfare Department, Government of the Jharkhand. The scholarship is available for the Jharkhand region and can be applied for November and December.

6) Post-Matric Scholarship to VJNT Students, Maharashtra

Provider Name: Department of Social Justice & Special Assistance, Government of Maharashtra. The scholarship is available throughout Maharashtra and can be applied for November and December. 


The scholarship will be given for higher secondary education in India at a government or private school, college, or university, including any residential government institutions and qualified private institutions that have been transparently chosen and notified by the State Government/Union Territory Administration in question. It will also cover technical and vocational classes at the XI and level offered by Industrial Training Institutes and Industrial Training Centers affiliated with the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), as well as Polytechnics and other courses (courses lasting less than a year are not covered under this program and neither are certificate program.


  • Candidates include students who identify as Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, or Parsi.
  • Students that performed at least 50% better than they did in their previous final exams
  • His or her parents’ or guardians’ total annual income must not exceed Rs. 2 lakh.
  • Hostelers and Day Scholars are both able to apply.

Approach to Selection

The fixed number of minority scholarships is minimal and constrained. The lowest-income students from BPL families will be given preference in order of their academic standing.

For renewal situations, no merit list is generated. If a renewal applicant received 50% or higher on their previous year’s exams (at the same institute and in the same course), and their application was verified by all necessary parties (as specified by the Ministry of Minority Affairs) and granted approval by State Governments/UTs, they would be eligible for the scholarship.

Post Matric Scholarship Amount

  • Post-High School Financial Aid
  • For students attending private sector universities, the full-tuition fees (including non-refundable fees) are INR 2 lakhs per year; for private sector flying clubs, the full-tuition fees are INR 3.72 lakhs per year.
  • Monthly living expenses for each student are INR 3,000.
  • Books and supplies cost each student INR 5,000 annually.
  • For a computer or laptop: INR 4,500 for one-time support
  • Note: The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will provide funding for this SC Scholarship. Other expenses will be paid directly into the student’s bank account via DBT, while the central government will pay tuition fees and non-refundable charges to the institution directly via DBT.

Important Guidelines for Post-High School Scholarship

  • The SC Post Matric Scholarship 2023 quiet qualities must be mentioned in the prospectus of all institutions.
  • The federal government intends to conduct all of its business online.
  • Through this online platform, eligibility, caste status, Aadhaar verification, and prompt help delivery would all be verified.
  • Through the National Scholarship Portal, students can submit a scholarship application.
  • The institutes on the NSP portal will examine the applications.
  • Each institution is required to use the specified number of slots.
  • The selection of the new members will be dependent on how well they performed on the entrance tests.
  • The institution should verify all the information before sending it to the ministry.
  • Students are required to buy a computer or laptop in their first year.
  • the truths.
  • Students who want to receive the award must present a bill of sale.
  • Any institution that is discovered to be breaking the rules of the plan will have its notification revoked.

The scholarship will be offered to SC students who have already been admitted under this program until the conclusion of the term if an institution de-notifies.

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