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In this article, We have listed top scholarships for engineering students 2024.

It is given that attending an accredited college or university to pursue an engineering degree often costs between INR 8 Lakh and INR 20 Lakh. Most students find it challenging to pay for expensive course costs, whether they attend government or private universities. Due to this, students need financial aid, and scholarships for engineering students are essential to helping them pay for their whole education. Over 13 lakh engineering hopefuls show up each year to pursue their goals. Central and state governments, several institutions, private organizations, and corporations are offering a wide range of scholarships and fellowships to help these ambitious engineers pursue their ideal education.

Scholarship for Engineering Students

There are several scholarships especially designed for Engineering students. Check out the list. 

1) Scholarships for Engineering Students: Golden Jubilee Scholarships from LIC

These engineering merit scholarships are funded by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), which favours deserving candidates from underprivileged socioeconomic groups.

This scholarship for general students is given for studies in India at a public or private college or university, and it also covers vocational and technical training at ITI facilities and institutions connected to the National Council for Vocational Training. The minimum Class XII exam grade required is 60%, and the annual family income cannot be more than INR 1,00,000. A monthly stipend of INR 1,000 is given to successful candidates and is deposited via NEFT right into their savings account.

2) Scholarships for Engineering Students: Ignite Scholarships at VIT University

The Vellore Institute of Technology, one of India’s best universities, provides engineering students with the Ignite scholarship. To qualify for this engineering scholarship, students must achieve a high rank in the GV School Development Programme. Successful students are exempt from paying tuition, but they must cover other expenses including placement and outside training charges. For students who have excelled on the central or state boards, VIT additionally provides a 100% fee waiver for the final four years of graduation. To be admitted to the esteemed undergraduate Engineering programs at VIT, an estimated 2.33 lakh applicants take the VITEEE exam each year.

3) Scholarship for Engineering Students: Engineering Scholarship from Ratan Tata

The Tata Education and Development Trust offers scholarships to deserving engineering students in India with the support of the renowned Tata Group. To financial aid for Indian graduate undergraduate students, the trust has established a $25 million endowment fund with the famous Cornell University in New York. At any given time, the endowment provides support for 20 Indian students. It was established to make sure that talented Indian students can enroll in Cornell’s College of Engineering based only on their merit and without regard to their capacity to pay. A student must be an Indian citizen and have completed their secondary education in India in to be eligible. Additionally, he or she must be eligible for financial aid and should be given the chance to enrol in Cornell’s engineering undergraduate program.

4) Scholarship offered by Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

This program, provided by the Department of Science and Technology of the federal government, offers scholarships to students studying engineering as well as those hoping to pursue rewarding careers in science or medicine. Any student currently enrolled in the XI standard through the first year of any undergraduate Basic Sciences program (B.Sc/B.S/B.Stat/M.Sc) who demonstrates a great potential for scientific inquiry is eligible to apply. Passing an aptitude exam is one of the additional requirements. Only those who pass the test and are shortlisted are invited for an in-person interview. The final decision regarding a student is based on the grades received in both the test and the interview stage. Those who are chosen can apply for a variety of lucrative fellowships up to the pre-Ph.D. level.

5) IET India Awards

The Institution of Engineering and Technology established this engineering prize to recognize the nation among outstanding second- and third-year undergraduate engineering students (IET). Since it was first launched in 2013, more than 32,000 undergraduate engineering students have actively participated in this scholarship program. Candidates must pass several selection processes, including an online test. Ultimately, winners are chosen based on their performance across a range of factors, including their range of outreach initiatives, academic success, extracurricular involvement, and their capacity to offer workable solutions to social engineering problems.

6) Swami Vivekananda Scholarship for Merit and Means

This scholarship program, which was established by the West Bengal government, is aimed at needy but deserving students pursuing a Higher Secondary, Diploma (Polytechnic), undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, or M. Phil/Doctoral level. All Kanyashree (K-2) program participants who meet the eligibility requirements may also apply for this scholarship. However, in addition to fulfilling the other stated academic qualifications, candidates should not earn a total of more than INR 2, 50,000 each year.

7) Scholarships offered by the VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) University Ignite

VIT, a prestigious college in the nation, offers the inhering students this wonderful scholarship opportunity. With the aid of this scholarship, you might realize your dream of earning an engineering degree from a prestigious university. Only those who have been admitted to the VIT in one of the engineering branches are eligible for this scholarship. Only 200 students will be chosen to receive the award through this program.

8) Engineering Scholarships under the NTPC Scholarship Program

The NTPC Scholarship Program is a glimmer of hope for those engineering candidates from PwD, SC, or ST communities. In contrast to the other engineering scholarships, this one is exclusively available to second-year students. To apply for this award, candidates must be enrolled full-time in an engineering degree and their second year of study.

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